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This Magugliani SRL Drying System dries 24,000 bottles per hour before bottles enter a labeling line.


MAGUGLIANI SRLRepublic is an American Manufacturer that works with distributors located around the world. Magugliani SRL, a local Italian company, specializes in manufacturing high quality machines for drying of bottles, jars and cans. Magugliani SRL places Republic Air Knives and Centrifugal Blowers in the drying systems they manufacture. You can find more of their on-site videos here.

Republic Air Knives are engineered, manufactured and tested by Republic staff in the United States. Air knives are available in extruded aluminum or stainless steel, in 2″, 3″ and 4″. Nozzle air knives, dual inlet air knives, and accessories are available for your custom pressure and air stream needs. Moreover, Republic accessories are also made in-house to allow for optimal performance.

Our robust design for Republic Centrifugal Blowers is efficient, durable and easy to maintain. Low energy consumption allows for increased production levels for your air knife system. Recently, we’ve made our blowers’ bushing 9x stronger! You can learn more about this Tension Pulley Innovation here.