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Raw chicken cutlets being processed on a conveyor belt.

Vacuum & Pressure Solutions for the Food Industry

A very famous woman once said, “I love bread!” This declaration instantly went viral.  Millions of people agreed: we love bread! We relate to that simple statement’s enthusiasm because our lives are made simpler and more delicious because of beloved prepared foods like bread. And cookies. And beef jerky. And chocolate, coffee, yogurt, tea, and […]

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What's An Air Knife

What Is An Air Knife?

The power of air knives in industrial applications is undeniable. In the world of manufacturing and industrial processes, efficiency and precision are paramount. The air knife is a remarkable tool that has revolutionized various industries including packaging, agriculture, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food and beverage, automotive part manufacturing, and more. Although its name might evoke images of […]

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Cheers to Clear Answers: All Your Craft Brewery Air Knife System FAQs Answered!

Craft breweries rely on precision and consistency to deliver quality beer to their customers. One essential aspect of that process is ensuring that cans and bottles are dry before filling. The traditional method of using compressed air to dry containers has limitations, which is where Republic Manufacturing Craft Brew Air Knife Systems come in. This blog post answers some commonly asked Craft Brew Air Knife Systems questions.

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Craft Brewery Systems: Drying with efficiency and affordability in mind

At Republic, we are often asked what is needed to effectively dry cans and bottles for craft breweries. Most air knife systems are custom, but over the years we’ve found enough similarities, specifically from craft breweries, to design standard systems that fit most. Can we still customize a drying system? Of course! But these affordable […]

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Essential – and Proud to be of Assistance

  Because our products are used to assist many industries that are important to our daily lives, Republic has the ability to stay open during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  During this time our employees follow social distancing measures, wear protective masks, and have their temperature taken before work to ensure their safety. “Coming into work during […]

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We dry cans. And bottles.

As cans or bottles move along a conveyor belt, the stream of air from the air knives quickly hits the can/bottle wiping away the moisture on both sides.

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Inadequate Drying Systems Cause Expensive Problems

Nozzle knives provide a precise, concentrated air flow and work great at drying cans, kegs and other packaging that has hard to reach crevasses. An inadequate air knife system could cause very expensive problems. Packaging that is insufficiently dried could lead to labeling and printing issues, rusting and more over, poor quality that negatively affects […]

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Accurately Sizing A Centrifugal Blower

Republic will get this question a lot, “Is your RB1200 big enough for…?” For many, this seems like a fair question when inquiring about a centrifugal blower for purchase. On the contrary, there are several details that you should focus on when selecting your pump. We’ve compiled a list of three criterion that will help […]

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