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Magugliani SRL Offers Republic Air Knives in Italy

This Magugliani SRL Drying System dries 24,000 bottles per hour before bottles enter a labeling line.   Republic is an American Manufacturer that works with distributors located around the world. Magugliani SRL, a local Italian company, specializes in manufacturing high quality machines for drying of bottles, jars and cans. Magugliani SRL places Republic Air Knives […]

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Providing Consultation In Chilé

Last week, I accompanied our Latin American Sales Manager, Gerardo Alaniz on a visit to Chilé.  We met with prospective distributors and provided consultation. Beverage Packaging Factory Looks For A More Effective Drying System First, we met with a prospective distributor that builds drying systems for their customers, among other things. They are having issues […]

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Republic Visits Ecuador

  Written By Guest Blogger: David Gradney This month, Gerardo and I traveled from Texas to Colombia and then to Ecuador. Read about my trip to Colombia here. While in Ecuador, we visited with our local distributor, Inducom, and several of their customers. We provided information on products and applications. Working with our distributor, we were able […]

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Business In Bogota

  Written By Guest Blogger: David Gradney This past week, Gerardo, a sales colleague, and I traveled to Bogota, Colombia. The country is extremely interesting in its customs and beautiful sights. While Gerardo and I made time to sight-see, our purpose for travel (on the boss’s dime) was to meet with our Colombia distributor, Industricol, […]

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