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Written By Guest Blogger: David Gradney

This past week, Gerardo, a sales colleague, and I traveled to Bogota, Colombia. The country is extremely interesting in its customs and beautiful sights. While Gerardo and I made time to sight-see, our purpose for travel (on the boss’s dime) was to meet with our Colombia distributor, Industricol, and potential clients within the pneumatic conveying, waste water and general aeration industries.

Among other products, we showcased our air knife systems and introduced our rotary vane pumps, a product line that a group didn’t know we offered.

At the end of a work day, Gerardo and I joined the group for a cup of after-work coffee, which is a local custom. For dinner, we had some of the largest burgers I’ve ever seen, and I live in Texas!  Colombia had a lot of activities to dive into. We went 300 meters above Bogota to visit a beautiful, well-known church. For our last night in Bogota, we visited a famous local park, that has a strict BYOB rule. Being someone that will occasionally visit a public park, in the states, this was uncharted territory. But we fully embraced the culture and had a lot of fun. Next stop is Ecuador! Until then…