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Made in America

Our assistant sales manager, Michael McFerren shares his thoughts about Republic products.  “I’m very proud to be selling [Republic] products.”  Manufactured Products & Value-Added Services Currently, Republic manufactures more than three-fourths of the products we sell, in Dallas, TX, U.S.A. However, Republic doesn’t simply distribute the remaining product lines. In most cases, Republic offers a […]

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Performance Improvement: Tension Pulley Assembly

This year, improvements were made to the Republic Bushing. It is now thicker and nine times stronger, which directly affects the service life of the Republic Tension Pulley Assembly used in Republic Centrifugal Blowers.   Performance Improvements: Thicker & 9 times stronger Reduced vibration Increased durability Heat resistant up to 340 degrees Corrosion resistant Absorbs […]

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Machining Capabilities

Written By Guest Blogger: Travis VanDusen Republic’s Mazak Horizontal Center Nexus 5000-III machine at work. Republic makes nearly every component for our centrifugal blowers here in our machine shop. In fact, we make over 300 different components for our blowers, air knives and systems. It’s an incredible thing to witness, and be a part of […]

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