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Written By Guest Blogger: Travis VanDusen

Republic’s Mazak Horizontal Center Nexus 5000-III machine at work.

Republic makes nearly every component for our centrifugal blowers here in our machine shop. In fact, we make over 300 different components for our blowers, air knives and systems. It’s an incredible thing to witness, and be a part of American manufacturing. This video shows how we make our own impellers. You can see more machining and manufacturing videos here.

As Republic offerings and demand broadened and increased, it was critical to evolve into a more efficient shop process. Two years later, we are able to handle such high demands because of the multitude of technology investments and lean implementations that have been put into place.

In the next few weeks, I will write more about our improved machining processes and how it allows us to better serve you.


We are proud to be an American manufacturer and we take pride and responsibility for the products that we make and sell.