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Republic Positive Displacement Blower Package
Premium packages include an enclosure, which are known to decrease noise decibels by 10-15 dba. The silencer (seen to the right of this photo) decreases noise by an additional 3-14 dba.

Republic not only sells Roots PD Blowers, we engineer and manufacture three standard PD Packages that can be customized to fit any customer’s needs.  PD blowers are typically used in the chemical industry to pneumatically convey chemicals, and are known for being incredibly loud while working.

We offer an economical, standard and premium PD package. Our premium package includes a silencer and an enclosure that will lower noise decibel levels more than 15 db. You can learn more about Republic PD packages here.


Republic Premium PD Package
David works on the last set of padding details before this Premium PD Package is ready to be crated and shipped.
Republic Economy PD Package
Jesse works on an Economy PD Package, one of the three standard PD Package options Republic offers, in addition to being a Root PD Blower distributor.