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Choosing the Right CNC Vacuum

When choosing a CNC vacuum, some commonly asked questions pertain to vacuum strength, durability, and which type to use for different applications. At Republic Manufacturing, we can answer those questions and also point you in the right direction when choosing which CNC vacuum is right for you! What determines which CNC vacuum is the best? […]

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Relief Valves: Insurance for your Blower

We recommend using a relief valve with just about any regenerative or positive displacement blower.  Why? Read below to understand how relief valves can increase the longevity of your blower. Relief Valve Purpose: Think of relief valves as insurance against your blower’s performance. They function as blower protection to prevent over-pressurization. Once a certain pressure […]

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Vacuum Hold Down Done Right!

Optimize your Hold Down Application.   There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to vacuum hold down for CNC machines.  The experts at Republic Manufacturing can help you select the right vacuum pump technology and size to optimize your hold down application.  Optimizing the vacuum will reduce material movement or vibration which directly results […]

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Providing Consultation In Chilé

Last week, I accompanied our Latin American Sales Manager, Gerardo Alaniz on a visit to Chilé.  We met with prospective distributors and provided consultation. Beverage Packaging Factory Looks For A More Effective Drying System First, we met with a prospective distributor that builds drying systems for their customers, among other things. They are having issues […]

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Wrapping Up May 2015

It’s the last week of the month and Republic is working quickly and efficiently to get orders assembled and shipped out to our customers. Cheers to another month of serving our customers. We look forward to what June has in store for us!

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Republic PD Packages Silence Roots Blowers

Republic not only sells Roots PD Blowers, we engineer and manufacture three standard PD Packages that can be customized to fit any customer’s needs.  PD blowers are typically used in the chemical industry to pneumatically convey chemicals, and are known for being incredibly loud while working. We offer an economical, standard and premium PD package. […]

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