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Motor Efficiency & Ratings Explained

AC induction motors have been around for well over 100 years. The technology at its core has remained unchanged as marginal improvements have been made. These improvements usually come in the form of motor efficiency and motor size. The chart below shows the motor efficiency improvements through the years. For each horsepower class the ratings […]

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The Most Comprehensive Drying System On The Market

The Republic All-In-One Air Knife Enclosure provides the most comprehensive and complete drying system On the market. Moisture removal, specifically conveyor drying, is a huge component in operations for the bottling and canning industries. Republic did some market research and found that customers have three¬† very specific “pains” when dealing with their air drying systems: […]

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Republic Motors 2015 Debut

In an unending effort to deliver convenience and a complete product mix to our customers, Republic is now offering our very own line of 3 phase motors. C-Face and Non C-Face (round body) motors are now available for purchase on our website. Republic supplies motors in rotational speeds of 1200 RPM, 1800 RPM and 3600 […]

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