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Cheers to Clear Answers: All Your Craft Brewery Air Knife System FAQs Answered!

Craft breweries rely on precision and consistency to deliver quality beer to their customers. One essential aspect of that process is ensuring that cans and bottles are dry before filling. The traditional method of using compressed air to dry containers has limitations, which is where Republic Manufacturing Craft Brew Air Knife Systems come in. This blog post answers some commonly asked Craft Brew Air Knife Systems questions.

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Craft Brewery Systems: Drying with efficiency and affordability in mind

At Republic, we are often asked what is needed to effectively dry cans and bottles for craft breweries. Most air knife systems are custom, but over the years we’ve found enough similarities, specifically from craft breweries, to design standard systems that fit most. Can we still customize a drying system? Of course! But these affordable […]

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We dry cans. And bottles.

As cans or bottles move along a conveyor belt, the stream of air from the air knives quickly hits the can/bottle wiping away the moisture on both sides.

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Magugliani SRL Offers Republic Air Knives in Italy

This Magugliani SRL Drying System dries 24,000 bottles per hour before bottles enter a labeling line.   Republic is an American Manufacturer that works with distributors located around the world. Magugliani SRL, a local Italian company, specializes in manufacturing high quality machines for drying of bottles, jars and cans. Magugliani SRL places Republic Air Knives […]

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Republic To Demonstrate Drying Of Customer Products

Republic is asking packaging facilities to send in information about their drying problems. Republic intends on solving these problems and demonstrating our solution during this year’s Pack Expo. Republic takes pride in consistent improvement, and when possible we take pride in improving our customers’ processes. This is a great opportunity for positive exposure. Is your […]

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Republic Consults Customers In The Big Apple

Earlier this month, my colleague, Brandon Sanderson and I flew out of the Lone Star State and into the Big Apple. While there, we visited with new and existing customers in and around the five boroughs. We mostly met with bottlers and other types of packaging companies. System Placement Consultation A new customer, located in […]

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