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Earlier this month, my colleague, Brandon Sanderson and I flew out of the Lone Star State and into the Big Apple. While there, we visited with new and existing customers in and around the five boroughs. We mostly met with bottlers and other types of packaging companies.

System Placement Consultation

A new customer, located in Queens, recently purchased an air knife drying system, that includes an RB1200, 10HP motor, two 14inch air knives and one 12inch air knife. We visited their caviar jarring facility and gave consultation on where to place their new air knife drying system. The right placement maximizes effectiveness and efficiencies.

Essential¬† points and tasks should be considered and checked-off during a system’s setup. Therefore, we include a questionnaire when quoting a system, and provide over-the-phone instructions, and when possible, an in-person consultation to customers. Appropriate setup will save time and money, especially when dealing with processes that include wash-off, labeling and stamp dating.

This customer previously used fans for their drying system. Fans produce a lot of volume with little pressure.

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Drying Conveyor Belts & Treating Hazardous Bottles

We traveled to other areas to meet with more customers and prospects. In Long Island, we provided a drying system to a company that needs to dry their conveyor belt after it is continually washed, several times a day. In New Jersey, we provided a regenerative blower (HRB200) to a facility that uses regenerative air technology to power burners that chemically treat glass.

Minimizing Waste for Our Customers

Recently, a local customer bought a replacement part for a blower used at their bottling facility. While in the neighborhood, we stopped by to check-in and found a wrench in their production line that causes quite a bit of waste. We found that workers would stop production to hand-dry their bottles before stamp dating them. Reducing waste is at the center of Republic’s operations and we make it our business to offer consultation that reduces waste for our customers. Thankfully, we were able to provide this customer with knowledge on how to automate their system, and expect to provide a drying system that includes a regenerative blower and air nozzle for the level of drying needed before stamp dating.

Exploring NYC

During our first few days in New York, we did a few fun things around NYC. Take a look at these pictures we snapped of the City That Never Sleeps!

Written by: David Gradney


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