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A drying system that uses centrifugal air is up to 93% more efficient than a system that uses compressed air. This percentage may slightly vary depending on the application in question.

What does this mean? It means several things for compressed air users.

In most cases, when opting to use compressed air, you are:

-Using more energy than necessary;

-Using an inferior machine and method;

-Spending less money upfront but wasting significantly more money overtime.

Investing in a drying sysCompressed Air VS Centrifugal Airtem that uses centrifugal air is a sound investment that will quickly pay for itself due to its efficient use of energy.

How Does Republic Compare Efficiencies of Both Systems?

To analyze the efficiency of a system, Republic uses a formula that contains PSI, run time, kilowatts used, horsepower, and a few other determinants.


Republic offers cost analysis of systems, including compressed air systems, that are used for a variety of applications. Contact us to get a cost analysis of your system.


Written by: Chloe Chavez

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