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Centrifugal Blowers: The Importance of Changing Filters

For many factories and industrial facilities, the Centrifugal Blower is a hardworking team member, making sure that air and vacuum keep flowing in mission-critical processes. If a Centrifugal Blower has impacts operational up-time, the culprit is an often-ignored component of the system – the blower filter. Why do Centrifugal Filters deserve attention? The filter‘s job […]

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3 Signs your Rotary Vane Pump Might be Ready for Repair

Though rotary vane pumps are sturdy long-lasting machines, occasional maintenance is required and sometimes a repair. Here are the most common signs your rotary vane pump might be ready for a repair: 1. Not enough pressure/vacuum When the pump is noticeably not pulling enough pressure/vacuum, the application’s process becomes inefficient. This is the most common […]

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Essential – and Proud to be of Assistance

  Because our products are used to assist many industries that are important to our daily lives, Republic has the ability to stay open during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  During this time our employees follow social distancing measures, wear protective masks, and have their temperature taken before work to ensure their safety. “Coming into work during […]

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What Is The Maximum Temperature I Can Put Through My Blower?

Regenerative blowers, as a technology, are typically only meant to handle fairly standard ambient temperatures up to a hot summer day outdoors.  They are not meant to handle any kind of heated inlet air, which should be handled by more advanced technologies such as our centrifugal blowers with water cooled bearings. Within the next few […]

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How Does Horsepower Factor In When Replacing My Regenerative Blower

Often, I receive calls that sound similar to this, “I have an X horsepower blower that I want to replace with a Republic blower.  What blower do I need?” Many times companies will try to match up blowers simply based on horsepower size and this can quickly lead to operation problems in the field.  Even […]

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Republic Repairs Damaged Central Vacuum System for Surgery Center

Republic came to the aid of a surgery center, this past week. Both vacuum pumps in their duplex central vacuum system failed after being exposed to liquid. How did these vacuum pumps become exposed to liquid? You’re probably wondering how or why this surgery center’s pumps came into contact with liquid. Essentially, it was due […]

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