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For many factories and industrial facilities, the Centrifugal Blower is a hardworking team member, making sure that airflow and vacuum are maintained in mission-critical processes. If a Centrifugal Blower is experiencing sub-optimal performance and decreased operational up-time, the culprit may be an often-ignored component of the system – the blower filter.

Why do Centrifugal Filters deserve attention? The filter‘s job is to protect the blower from dust, dirt, and tiny particles floating in the air. A filter safeguards the blower from ingesting particulates and contaminants present in the air. When the filter does its job of protecting the blower and application from debris, it naturally gets clogged up; and over time this prevents the blower from ‘breathing’ properly. With the filter compromised, the blower’s capability is akin to a respiratory system compromised by congestion. Performance suffers, excess heat and vibrations are generated, and the blower becomes much less effective and efficient. The result is a critical scenario that could have been averted with consistent filter replacement.

How Do You Change a Blower Filter?

Centrifugal blower filters need to be cleaned and changed regularly. Luckily, changing the filter on a Republic centrifugal blower is very easy. For most applications and systems, a filter change takes less than 5 minutes.

Watch our video to hear David explain how to change your filter:

Types of Blower Filters

Republic offers both paper and polyester, or “poly,” filter elements for all of our centrifugal blowers.

Paper Blower Filters

Paper filter elements are the most commonly used filter media type but are more susceptible to moisture and tough debris or grime in the application.

Polyester or “Poly” Blower Filters

Poly filters are constructed from woven or layered synthetic polyester fibers. Poly filters are popular due to their durability, as polyester elements are often reusable for a few periods after cleaning.

Blower-Replacement Filter Table


Blower Description Replacement Element
RB500 Inlet Filter Assembly C 16400
RB800/RB1200/RB2400 Painted Housing – Paper Element (Small) 340-1000
Painted Housing – Paper Element (Large) 340-1002
Painted Housing – Polyester Element (Small) 340-2000
Painted Housing – Polyester Element (Large) 340-2002
RB2000/RB2002 Painted Housing – Paper Element 340-1003
Painted Housing – Polyester Element 340-1004
RB4002 Painted Housing – Paper Element 340-2072
Painted Housing – Polyester Element 340-2073
RBX-150 Paper Element, Band Clamp, Adapter 340-1202
Polyester Element, Band Clamp, Adapter 340-1203
RBX-250 Paper Element, Band Clamp, Adapter 340-2502
Polyester Element, Band Clamp, Adapter 340-2507
RBX-400 Paper Element, Band Clamp, Adapter 340-3508
Polyester Element, Band Clamp, Adapter 340-3509

*** At time of publishing, all filters are in-stock and available online and at our Dallas, TX headquarters. Request a quote on blower filters here. ***

Here’s the deal:

Regular filter changes are one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to ensure your blower has a long and healthy operational lifespan. A blower with a clean filter works better, uses less energy, and keeps doing its job without any hiccups. It’s a small thing that makes a huge difference and prevents big problems down the road.

So, remember this: in the world of centrifugal blowers, don’t forget about the filter. It’s a simple task that saves you from big troubles. Give your blower the care it needs, change those filters on time, and contact Republic Manufacturing at 817-847-0380.