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Essential – and Proud to be of Assistance

  Because our products are used to assist many industries that are important to our daily lives, Republic has the ability to stay open during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  During this time our employees follow social distancing measures, wear protective masks, and have their temperature taken before work to ensure their safety. “Coming into work during […]

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Dry-Running, Oil-Lubricated, and Claw Pumps – Oh My!: Vacuum pumps are everywhere in the packaging industry.

Rotary vane vacuum pumps are among the most common pieces of machinery found within the packaging industry. These direct driven and rugged pumps provide continuous duty operation while maintaining low noise levels. Available as dry-running (for oil-free applications) or oil-lubricated (where deeper vacuum is needed), they are easy to install and simple to maintain. With […]

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We dry cans. And bottles.

As cans or bottles move along a conveyor belt, the stream of air from the air knives quickly hits the can/bottle wiping away the moisture on both sides.

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Inadequate Drying Systems Cause Expensive Problems

Nozzle knives provide a precise, concentrated air flow and work great at drying cans, kegs and other packaging that has hard to reach crevasses. An inadequate air knife system could cause very expensive problems. Packaging that is insufficiently dried could lead to labeling and printing issues, rusting and more over, poor quality that negatively affects […]

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Republic To Demonstrate Drying Of Customer Products

Republic is asking packaging facilities to send in information about their drying problems. Republic intends on solving these problems and demonstrating our solution during this year’s Pack Expo. Republic takes pride in consistent improvement, and when possible we take pride in improving our customers’ processes. This is a great opportunity for positive exposure. Is your […]

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Republic Consults Customers In The Big Apple

Earlier this month, my colleague, Brandon Sanderson and I flew out of the Lone Star State and into the Big Apple. While there, we visited with new and existing customers in and around the five boroughs. We mostly met with bottlers and other types of packaging companies. System Placement Consultation A new customer, located in […]

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