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Rotary vane vacuum pumps are among the most common pieces of machinery found within the packaging industry.

These direct driven and rugged pumps provide continuous duty operation while maintaining low noise levels. Available as dry-running (for oil-free applications) or oil-lubricated (where deeper vacuum is needed), they are easy to install and simple to maintain. With many uses within the packaging industry, it’s easy to understand why vacuum pumps are everywhere. Some of the most common uses include packaging, processing, and transfer.



  • Thermoforming/Forming – vacuum pulls plastic sheet into a mold for a seamless ad uniform shape; e.g. clamshell packaging.
  • MAP/Degassing/Vacuum Pack – provides environment where the removal of gases slows down the aging process of food and extends shelf life without preservatives; e.g. meat, seafood, deli meat, sausage, hot dogs.
  • Drying – dry food and products that are temperature sensitive; e.g. wood, pharmaceuticals.


  • Pick & place – provides suction to move products from one place to another, e.g. plastic bottles, beverage cans, packaging components.
  • Pneumatic conveying – transports product with virtually no contamination; e.g. grains, dog food.

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oil-lubricated rotary vane pump
Oil-lubricated rotary vane pumps provide vacuum levels down to 0.5 torr.
dry running rotary vane pumps
Dry-running rotary vane pumps reach a maximum vacuum of 25.5 in.HgV.