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triplex central medical vacuum syste

Medical and healthcare facilities have an essential need of reliable equipment. Republic Central Vacuum Systems are often used in the medical industry for a wide array of applications.

How Central Vacuum Systems Work

These vacuum solutions run on a lead-lag system which allows pumps to turn on one by one after each cycle has finished to ensure reduced energy costs. This allows equal runtime on each pump. If the demand for pressure goes up, the system accommodates that by automatically turning on the necessary available pumps. As the demand is met, the pumps will shut down. If there is a scenario where one pump fails, the valving system allows for shutting pumps off while continuing to run during the time the failed pump is serviced. Typical medical systems can have up to two vacuum pumps on stand-by and one running so that there is virtually no down time during maintenance, which is critical in the medical industry. These systems can be configured to include remote-control monitoring, allowing for quick and easy adjustments to continue running.

Central Vacuum System Benefits in the Medical Industry

The medical industries we service encompass many fields including hospitals, dental clinics and laboratories. They can be used for applications such as life support and anesthesia. Using a Republic Central System is beneficial in many ways such as: zero downtime if a pump fails and decreased energy costs. Another benefit is the ability to monitor and configure a Central system with a remote monitor system manageable from a mobile phone.

Republic’s Central Vacuum Systems

Our systems are built in accordance to ensure compliancy with NFPA 99 standards and are offered in standard or custom configurations. Our team of engineers work closely with our customers to design a system that perfectly fits their needs utilizing various different Republic vacuum pumps. A quality test is always performed prior to shipment to ensure the system runs properly.

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