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Because our products are used to assist many industries that are important to our daily lives, Republic has the ability to stay open during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  During this time our employees follow social distancing measures, wear protective masks, and have their temperature taken before work to ensure their safety. “Coming into work during the pandemic has been helpful in many ways, but mostly because I’ve been able to maintain a sense of normalcy even though things are a little chaotic in the world,” Engineer, Samuel, says.  “I consider myself very fortunate to work at a company that hasn’t come to a grinding halt, and has even been able to manufacture equipment that has helped other industries manage the crisis.”  Republic is honored to assist in crucial processes that are helping humankind in many ways.

Supporting the Medical and Healthcare Industry

Republic is working hand in hand with companies in the medical industry designing solutions to various applications by taking the time to figure out exactly what is needed to treat patients. We understand the sense of urgency healthcare organizations have and are empathetic to those trying to work with a new chaotic “normal”.  To do our part, we are sourcing central systems that are being used to power things like ventilation systems. Popup hospitals have the needed systems to treat patients now because of Republic’s quick turnaround time. We support autoclave systems that are used to sterilize medical equipment along with systems that are being used to dry medical devices after cleaning. Companies who do not usually produce face masks are doing so now with our pumps and blowers to support their vacuum hold down process.  Republic is grateful for the opportunity to help these companies and organizations take care of humankind.

Meat and Food

In addition to healthcare, food manufacturing is something that affects us all. Many food manufacturing companies have upgraded or serviced their Republic products in order to continue quick, reliable mass production and we are happy to do our part to help! We’ve provided vacuum pumps for meat packing and modified atmosphere packaging which help with the shelf life and quality of the food. In addition, we provide vacuum pumps for pick and place, labeling, and pneumatic conveying to streamline production and eliminate contamination in manufacturing plants. Our products are helping the public continue on with “normal” life as much as possible.


Republic completely understands the stress that these times have put on companies and their employees. We will continue to provide quick turnaround times and support to everyone in need now and always.