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Bakery Industry: Air Solutions | Industrial Drying Systems

As a manufacturer of vacuum pumps, blowers, and air knife systems, Republic Manufacturing supplies the bakery industry with top-of-the-line equipment to aid our client’s production and quality control. In the bakery industry, quality control systems are an essential step in the production of baked goods. As the bakery’s warm and delicious treats roll out onto […]

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Dry-Running, Oil-Lubricated, and Claw Pumps – Oh My!: Vacuum pumps are everywhere in the packaging industry.

Rotary vane vacuum pumps are among the most common pieces of machinery found within the packaging industry. These direct driven and rugged pumps provide continuous duty operation while maintaining low noise levels. Available as dry-running (for oil-free applications) or oil-lubricated (where deeper vacuum is needed), they are easy to install and simple to maintain. With […]

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Republic Products In Bakery Applications

Written by: Chloe Chavez Today at our Distributor Conference, Ray Ralph, owner of R.E. Morrison and Canadian distributor of Republic products gave a presentation on bakery applications. The Bakery industry is one of Ray’s favorite industries. He explained that there are 12 potential sales in each bakery. Bakery Applications: Pneumatic Conveying Bin Bottom Aeration Vacuum […]

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