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Centrifugal Blowers: The Importance of Changing Filters

For many factories and industrial facilities, the Centrifugal Blower is a hardworking team member, making sure that airflow and vacuum are maintained in mission-critical processes. If a Centrifugal Blower is experiencing sub-optimal performance and decreased operational up-time, the culprit may be an often-ignored component of the system – the blower filter. Why do Centrifugal Filters […]

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Thoughts from our Newest Employee

For this quarters newsletter we interviewed Kris Hanchette. He is the newest member of the team, joining as the VP of Sales and Marketing. Kris comes to us with an impressive background in electronics and robotics. Kris worked at MultiCam for 22 years and has known Republic for 25 years. Q. We are loving the […]

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Inadequate Drying Systems Cause Expensive Problems

Nozzle knives provide a precise, concentrated air flow and work great at drying cans, kegs and other packaging that has hard to reach crevasses. An inadequate air knife system could cause very expensive problems. Packaging that is insufficiently dried could lead to labeling and printing issues, rusting and more over, poor quality that negatively affects […]

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Republic Manufacturing’s First Annual Distributor Conference

Written by: Chloe Chavez Today, Republic Manufacturing hosts its first annual Distributor’s Conference. The conference aims to provide distributors with tools and information to help solidify foundational product knowledge, as well as help with operational processes, with a 5S Lean Management presentation and and a session on quoting methods. Republic also plans to have a […]

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Business In Bogota

  Written By Guest Blogger: David Gradney This past week, Gerardo, a sales colleague, and I traveled to Bogota, Colombia. The country is extremely interesting in its customs and beautiful sights. While Gerardo and I made time to sight-see, our purpose for travel (on the boss’s dime) was to meet with our Colombia distributor, Industricol, […]

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