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Written by: Chloe Chavez

Today, Republic Manufacturing hosts its first annual Distributor’s Conference. The conference aims to provide distributors with tools and information to help solidify foundational product knowledge, as well as help with operational processes, with a 5S Lean Management presentation and and a session on quoting methods.

Republic also plans to have a Collective Intelligence session at the end of each day. During this time, distributors will provide feedback and insights as to what Republic can provide to help foster relations and increase business.

Overall, Republic hopes to match names with faces, and spend some time getting acquainted with its valued distributors.

Distributors will be welcomed with a delicious breakfast and lunch, provided by the Omni Mandalay Hotel, where the conference is being held. Other fun after-hour activities include dinner at Cool River, a Frisco Rough Riders game with catered Texas BBQ and a tour of Dallas.

The conference will run through Friday, April 24. We will provide conference updates all week.