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Written By Guest Blogger: David Gradney

This month, Gerardo and I traveled from Texas to Colombia and then to Ecuador. Read about my trip to Colombia here.

While in Ecuador, we visited with our local distributor, Inducom, and several of their customers. We provided information on products and applications. Working with our distributor, we were able to identify areas of inefficiencies within a customer’s operations. The wire cable manufacturer is now set to replace compressed air products with our Republic Air Wipe. This is going to save the customer $1,500 a week in electricity bills, alone!

We also visited a textile mill. After learning about their fabrics and operations, we were able to provide a more efficient solution for them. They will have their 25HP compressor machines replaced with a 2HP regenerative blower. You do not understand how happy it makes me to help a customer save money and operate more efficiently!

Some other things to consider when switching from compressed air products to a more efficient product is easy installments and stretching out maintenance intervals.

Luckily, Gerardo and I had a free weekend in Ecuador, so we took advantage of our time there! The most notable experience was visiting the equator and climbing 444 steps to reach the highest point of Ecuador.