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rotary vane pumpThough rotary vane pumps are sturdy long-lasting machines, occasional maintenance is required and sometimes a repair. Here are the most common signs your rotary vane pump might be ready for a repair:

1. Not enough pressure/vacuum

When the pump is noticeably not pulling enough pressure/vacuum, the application’s process becomes inefficient. This is the most common reason we receive pumps for repair. Sometimes the solution is as simple as a dirty filter or a damaged relief valve. These items are easily replaceable in the field. More complicated problems include broken vanes, a hose leak, broken gaskets, a misaligned insert, or a pump that is turning too slowly. Such problems require a teardown and repair of the pump.

2. Unusual noise

If the pump begins making an abnormal noise, it will most likely require repair. The bearings may need to be replaced or there could be a broken coupling insert. Sometimes the cylinder is “washboarded” creating a high-pitched squeal which requires replacement. Because these replacements are more challenging, many customers send their pumps to us for repair.

3. Amperage is running high

Possible reasons for high amperage include bad bearings, an improperly functioning cooling fan, or the pump could be dragging. The pump will need repair for these problems.

Most rotary vane pumps have repair kits which allow you to repair the pump within your facility. However, for more advanced repairs and to retain warranty status, Republic Manufacturing has factory-authorized service technicians in Dallas, Denver, and Salt Lake City.