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RBX-250 High-Efficiency Centrifugal Blower
Republic RBX-250
Republic RBX-250 provides up to 2,600 cfm with pressure greater than 100 in.H2O while attaining 80% peak efficiencies requiring only 15-40 hp.

Republic Manufacturing is proud to debut the new RBX High-Efficiency Centrifugal Blower product line at PACK EXPO Connects, the live, virtual trade packaging trade show schedule from November 9-13, 2020.

The best in class Republic RBX Centrifugal Blower line is designed for efficiency, endurance, and optimal performance in high-demand pressure and vacuum applications. The RBX product line can generate flow up to 2,600 cfm and pressure greater than 100 in.H2O while attaining 80% peak efficiencies. RBX blowers are perfect for drying applications, pick and place, debris removal, leveling coatings, and vacuum hold down.

The design of the RBX is where the innovation truly occurs. The impeller, volute, and bearing housing assembly work together to allow the blower to conserve energy while optimizing air flow and lowering temperatures. This design allows the blower to achieve higher pressure utilizing less horsepower, making it the only product on the market with such efficiencies at the blower’s operational performance points. The design also provides a longer blower life (up to 8 times the blower life of traditional centrifugal blowers) and reduced maintenance.Republic RBX-250 High-Efficiency Centrifugal Blower

Republic will showcase the RBX-250 during a live demo November 12 and 1:45pm. The demo is titled “Blower and Pump Innovations to Save Money, Energy, and Downtime”. It can be added to the attendee schedule by visiting https://peconnects20.mapyourshow.com/8_0/liveevents/event.cfm?eventid=1530.

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