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The exterior metal housing of the RCV-120/160 Rotary Claw Pump, which has a horizontal configuration for easier maintenance.

Republic Manufacturing is excited to announce the launch of an extension to our RCV Rotary Claw Vacuum Pump product line – the RCV-120 and RCV-160. Designed to provide longevity and efficiency, these rotary claw vacuum pumps are dry-running and oil-free, with new features that increase efficiency, improve longevity, and almost eliminate wear, drastically reducing maintenance requirements. Developing a claw pump which demands remarkable manufacturing precision is no easy feat, which is why this project has been in the works for many years. After years of studying, engineering, manufacturing, testing, revising, re-testing, and eventually field-testing, the horizontally-arranged RCV-120 and RCV-160 are finally ready!
So what makes these models so special? Well, they were designed with the customer in mind. Here’s how:

The RCV-120/160 provides longevity.

The horizontal arrangement of these pumps allows for better oil lubrication. Though this is a dry-running pump, the internal gears require oil. The integrated interior lubrication cooling channels allow for continuous operation for long periods of time. Specialty seals and upgraded bearings provide years of operation.

The RCV-120/160 is efficient.

The counter-rotating claws and synchronized rotors nearly touch with clearances of 0.002″ and a precision up to 0.001″. This contact-free design compresses the gases without wear, which provides deep vacuum conditions (28.0 inHg) and requires less operating power. These claw pumps are up to 30% more efficient than rotary vane pumps!

The RCV-120/160 is quieter and easier to maintain.

There’s a deep “grumble” that is characteristic of claw pumps. To mitigate the noise level, we’ve integrated decoupled foam to the inside of the jacket and added a cooling silencer on the outside of the pump. Additionally, no wear parts means NO MAINTENANCE! The gear oil must be changed once per year. That’s it!

Where are these pumps best suited, you ask? They are perfect for any application requiring mid- to deep- vacuum, including when an oil-free vacuum pump is needed. You will find them most often used for hold-down technology within a wide variety of applications, including surgical and laboratory clean rooms, CNC routing, vacuum packing, degassing, and pick-and-place, to name a few.

Want to learn more? Check out this video featuring our lead design engineer.