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One of the most common questions our technical team receives is “How do I wire this blower?” This question is often followed by others such as: “Where is the wiring diagram?”, “Which diagram do I use?”, and “What are these two black wires?”

Which wiring diagram do I use and where is the wiring diagram?

Reference the blower name tag for the wiring diagram based on voltage.
For an example site voltage of 230V we use ΔΔ.

regenerative blower tag

Match the symbol to the wiring diagrams on the back side of the terminal box.

regenerative blower wiring diagram

Change terminal wires and jumpers to match accordingly.

What are these two black wires?

Thermal leads are designated by two unmarked black wires. If thermal leads are not needed, these can be freely tucked away in the terminal box.

thermal leads

If you continue to have questions or complications, our technical team is here to answer your questions!