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Efficient and Customizable Craft Beer Drying Solutions: An Overview of Air Knife Systems for Breweries


Craft breweries rely on precision and consistency to deliver quality beer to their customers. One essential aspect of that process is ensuring that cans and bottles are dry before filling. The traditional method of using compressed air to dry containers has limitations, which is where Republic Manufacturing Craft Brew Air Knife Systems come in. This article answers some commonly asked questions about Republic’s air knife systems designed for craft breweries.

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Q: I have compressed air for my craft brewery. Why would I want a blower?

A: While compressed air may be a popular option, it can be noisy, inefficient, and more costly in the long run than a blower and air knife system. Centrifugal blowers offer a less expensive, more energy-efficient, and quieter way to dry. Air knife systems also produce a more consistent and controlled stream of air, ensuring that every container is dried to the same degree.


Q: How much does it cost to use a blower and air knife instead of compressed air for a canning or bottling line?

A: The cost savings associated with using a Craft Brewery Air Knife System over compressed air drying can be significant. By replacing compressed air with a blower, you can save up to 90% on energy costs. This increased energy efficiency can result in substantial savings on electricity bills, providing more resources for other areas of the brewery.


Cost Comparison:
System Payback Analysis

Savings per week over compressed air = $416.62
Savings per year over compressed air = $21,702.90

Compressed Air Republic Blower Systems
4 CFM per HP – Industry average for volume displacement
306 CFM / 4 = 76.5 HP required to generate air volume
1 HP = 0.7457 kW
76.5 HP x 0.7457 =57.05 kW operating usage 10 HP x 0.7457 = 7.5 kW operating usage
24 (hours/day) x 7 (days/week) = 168 hours per week
168 (kW hours) x 0.05 (cost per kW) x 57.05 (kW usage) 168 (kW hours) x 0.05 (cost per kW) x 7.5 (kW usage)
=$479.22 Energy Cost per Week =$63.00 Energy Cost Per Week
=$24,987.90 Energy Cost per Year =$3,285.00 Energy Cost per Year


Craft Brewery Air Knife Systems offer significant cost savings for breweries by increasing productivity and reducing energy costs, labor costs, downtime, and waste. These savings can help breweries improve their bottom line and invest in growth and innovation. By investing in an air knife system, craft brewers can maintain the quality customers expect while scaling production and saving money.


Q: How can upgrading from compressed air to a blower improve my production process?

A: When it comes to drying containers, air knives are designed to achieve a dryness level of 99.9% or higher in a single pass. The efficiency and reliability of blower and air knife systems provides the following benefits for productivity:

  1. By drying containers more quickly and reliably, air knife systems can help improve production line speed and output, leading to increased revenue for the brewery.
  2. Air knife systems are more effective at drying containers than compressed air systems, which reduces the need for manual labor—saving breweries money on labor costs and allowing employees to focus on other tasks.
  3. Air knife systems can help to reduce downtime on the production line, due to their reliability, ease of maintenance, and consistent performance. This can improve overall productivity and reduce costs associated with downtime.
  4. More thorough drying ensures that containers are clean and ready for filling, reducing the risk of contamination or spoilage and associated costs.
  5. Finally, air knife systems can help reduce waste from throwing out containers that are damaged by water, such as cardboard boxes, saving breweries money on materials and disposal costs.


Upgrading to a Craft Brewery Air Knife System can save money, improve consistency and customizability, provide quieter operation, and achieve more thorough drying of containers.


Q: How loud is a blower compared to compressed air?

A: Blowers used in Republic’s Craft Brewery Systems operate between 70-85 dB. When coupled with an external silencer and/or sound enclosure, centrifugal blowers can be up to 50% quieter than air compressors. Additionally, Republic air knives are designed to produce a low-volume, high-velocity stream of air, reducing noise levels even further. This air stream is a vast improvement compared to traditional compressed air systems, which can disrupt the work environment and cause hearing loss over time.


Q: How do I remove condensation from a bottle before labeling or printing?

A: An air knife and blower system is the most efficient and cost-effective way to remove condensation and moisture from a surface and ensure proper adhesion of labels and printed ink from date coders.

Air knives work by directing pressurized air into a uniform gap, which creates a laminar flow pattern capable of shearing away moisture, dust, or other contaminants without mechanical contact. Powered by the steady flow provided by a centrifugal blower, air knives are the fastest and most thorough way to dry a surface, remove particulates, and prepare it for labeling and printing.


Q: How many passes does it take to completely dry cans or bottles with an air knife?

A: Craft Brewery Air Knife Systems are designed to achieve a dryness level of 99.9% or higher, ensuring your containers are ready for filling.

Compared to traditional compressed air systems, which can leave moisture behind in hard-to-reach areas, Craft Brewery Air Knife Systems are more effective at removing moisture from all container surfaces. This helps to ensure that the containers are fully dry and ready for filling, reducing the risk of product spoilage and meeting or exceeding industry standards for product quality.


Q: Can I dry all sides of the cans or bottles?

A: Republic Air Knife Systems are designed to dry every surface of the cans and bottles. The air knives are strategically placed to ensure that every part of the container is thoroughly dried, including the bottom and hard-to-reach areas.

The location of the air knives and direction of airflow can be customized based on the unique needs of each brewery’s production line.

For example, placing an air knife at the bottom of the container can ensure that any remaining water droplets are removed before the container is filled with beer or other liquids. Similarly, placing air knives in hard-to-reach areas, such as the top of bottles, can ensure that all sides of the container are thoroughly dried. The placement of air knives can also be optimized to ensure optimal drying performance based on the container size, shape, and production line speed. For instance, if the production line speed is high, air knives may need to be placed closer together to ensure that containers receive sufficient drying time.


Q: Can I customize an Air Knife System to fit my brewery’s unique canning or bottling line?

A: Yes, Craft Brewery Air Knife Systems are highly customizable to seamlessly integrate with your brewery’s existing production line. The placement of the air knives, knife and nozzle shape and size, airflow, and integration with other equipment can all be modified and configured to suit your needs.

Firstly, our systems can be designed to accommodate multiple air knives in different locations along the production line. This feature allows craft brewers to target specific areas that require more thorough drying, such as the bottom of a bottle, the inner corners of a can, or any surface that needs to be prepped for labeling or printing. Brewers can optimize their drying process by strategically placing air knives to ensure all containers and surfaces are prepared for filling and labeling.

Secondly, air knives come in different nozzle types, each producing a unique airflow pattern. Republic Air Knife Systems offer different nozzle types that can be customized to suit the individual needs of each brewery, depending on factors such as container shape, size, and production line speed. The choice of nozzle type can significantly impact the level of drying achieved and can be tailored to each brewery’s specific needs.

Thirdly, our drying systems can be designed with adjustable air pressure, enabling craft brewers to fine-tune the system to achieve the desired airflow and impact velocity. By adjusting the air pressure at each outlet, brewers can optimize their drying process for different container types and sizes.

Finally, your Craft Brewery Air Knife System can be integrated with other equipment in the production line, such as conveyors or labeling machines. In addition to the blowers and air knives themselves, Republic manufactures and supplies hoses, tubing, elbows, manifolds, support brackets, clamps, valves, silencers, and other air knife accessories, allowing you to build a custom system that fits into even the most compact spaces. This integration allows for a more streamlined and efficient production process, requiring less manual intervention and reducing the risk of errors.


Q: Is my Craft Brewery Air Knife System upgradable as I grow?

A: Yes, Craft Brewery Air Knife Systems can also be upgraded as your business and production needs grow. Your blower systems can be improved as production needs increase, with larger blowers or additional air knives added. This customizability means craft brewers can invest in a system that meets their current needs, with the flexibility to adapt and adjust without the need for a complete overhaul when a new system is needed support the business’s growth.

Republic Air Knife Systems are designed to be modular and customizable, with each air knife, nozzle, and blower able to be positioned independently. Our blowers are available in a wide range of models able to provide increasingly powerful airflow and support more air knives and outlets as your system expands.

Overall, Republic Manufacturing Craft Brewery Systems offer craft brewers a high degree of customizability, allowing them to optimize their production process and achieve the desired drying level for each container. By tailoring the system to their unique needs, breweries can maintain the quality customers expect while significantly scaling production.


In conclusion, a Craft Brewery Air Knife System is an excellent investment for any craft brewery looking to improve its production process. Using a blower instead of compressed air can save money, increase efficiency, and enhance the quality of your beer. The system is customizable, upgradable, and designed to be quieter than traditional compressed air systems. With a Craft Brewery Air Knife System, you can achieve a dryness level of 99.9% or higher, ensuring that every container is ready for filling. So why settle for less when you can get the best with Republic Manufacturing?