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Written by: Chloe Chavez

April was a very exciting month for Republic! We recreated our brand to be better aligned with our services, celebrated our employees during Employee Appreciation Week, made a few note-worthy sales, and hosted our first conference.

Republic Manufacturing

Earlier this month, we debuted our company re-branding with a new site, logo and company name, Republic Manufacturing. We are proud to be an American manufacturer and we take pride and responsibility for the products that we make and sell.

Employee Appreciation Week

Republic celebrated yet another employee appreciation week. We celebrated career milestones for our employees. Our blogger/ Inside Technical Sales Rep., David Gradney celebrates 15 years with the company, this month. Our Employee Appreciation Week consisted of fun games, raffle giveaways and food. We thank our employees for their dedicated work. We truly believe they play a critical part in Republic’s mission. (Read our Mission Statement.)

All-In-One Sale

This month, Republic sold, manufactured and delivered an All-In-One drying system. A lot of us get excited about this product, because we all think its so darn beautiful and innovative.

First Annual Distributor Conference

We ended the month with our first annual Distributor Conference. You can read about it here.


We look forward to another month of manufacturing your products!