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Our assistant sales manager, Michael McFerren shares his thoughts about Republic products.  “I’m very proud to be selling [Republic] products.”

 Manufactured Products & Value-Added Services

Currently, Republic manufactures more than three-fourths of the products we sell, in Dallas, TX, U.S.A. However, Republic doesn’t simply distribute the remaining product lines. In most cases, Republic offers a value-added service for a distributed product line. For example, Republic offers  customers three PD package options for the Roots Positive Displacement Blower line. Depending on the package chosen, it will provide a specific level of protection from weather elements, as well as decrease noise decibel levels.

Republic’s History in Distribution & Manufacturing

Republic began as a Sheet Metal shop in 1950. In 1991, Republic began distribution of pumps. Approximately eight years later, Republic began manufacturing their own air knife systems. From there on, Republic has worked effortlessly to begin manufacturing the majority of the product it sells. Today, products like the All-In-One Enclosure is 100% made in America; besides the manifold, nuts and bolts, the components of an All-In-One Enclosure is manufactured entirely by Republic Manufacturing.

We Are Committed to Manufacturing Our Own Products

The most notable reason for Republic’s manufacturing objective is that we desire to have a tight grip on quality control. It’s really about accountability. We want our customers to know that they are receiving the product and the level of quality that they expect.  Quality control allows us to guarantee to our customers that we:

  • Have a quality product.
  • Are experts in knowing and dealing with what goes into our products.
  • Will know how long it takes to make and assemble a product that you order.
  • Can have that product shipped and delivered to you within an appropriate amount of time.

Moving Forward

Currently, Republic has a team of engineers committed to R&D and has big plans for new product lines in our future! Stay tuned!


Written by: Chloe Chavez