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Nick brings the gifts around on the fork lift; Classic Republic Style.

Every Christmas season, Republic adopts a family in need from Children’s Health. The program is called Adopt a Family. Every year, Children’s Health provides volunteers with the option to choose from families of all shapes and sizes; each one includes a current patient, some with a terminal illness. Once volunteers receive a gift list from their family, employees get to shopping and provide wrapped gifts to the family along with a gift card from the closest grocery store, so that the family can have a nice Christmas dinner.

This year Republic adopted a large family of eight, which included our strong 14 year old patient, Sherry*. Eight years ago, Sherry was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma. Between then and now, she battled with recurrences of her cancer. This summer, she was on her way to full recovery when her cancer returned. This time, it is mostly non-treatable.

David, Nathalie, Barbara, and Chloe send off the family’s gifts. We hope they enjoy them.

We smiled when we received Sherry’s Christmas list. Her list resembled that of a young girl that didn’t need much to be happy. She asked for a “fancy dress,” a “prom-like necklace,” Pokémon cards, and candy. While we bought presents for her and her family to enjoy, we felt a grand sense of fulfillment from being able to take part in such a special girl’s Christmas celebration. We hope she liked what we picked out for her.


Republic is honored to do what we can to make this time of the year memorable for Children’s Health patients. Click here, if you’d like to learn more about Children’s Adopt a Family program.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, from the Republic family.


*Name changed for privacy.


Written by Chloe Chavez