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Common Causes of Blower Failure

The most common causes of blower failure are very easy to avoid. During my years of providing technical assistance to Republic clients, we most commonly run into either one of two issues that lead to failure: (1) Poor Filter Maintenance, or (2)Ineffective Relief Valve Setup. POOR FILTER MAINTENANCE These blowers, as with most airflow technologies, […]

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What Is The Maximum Temperature I Can Put Through My Blower?

Regenerative blowers, as a technology, are typically only meant to handle fairly standard ambient temperatures up to a hot summer day outdoors.  They are not meant to handle any kind of heated inlet air, which should be handled by more advanced technologies such as our centrifugal blowers with water cooled bearings. Within the next few […]

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How Does Horsepower Factor In When Replacing My Regenerative Blower

Often, I receive calls that sound similar to this, “I have an X horsepower blower that I want to replace with a Republic blower.  What blower do I need?” Many times companies will try to match up blowers simply based on horsepower size and this can quickly lead to operation problems in the field.  Even […]

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Wrapping Up May 2015

It’s the last week of the month and Republic is working quickly and efficiently to get orders assembled and shipped out to our customers. Cheers to another month of serving our customers. We look forward to what June has in store for us!

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Republic Products In Bakery Applications

Written by: Chloe Chavez Today at our Distributor Conference, Ray Ralph, owner of R.E. Morrison and Canadian distributor of Republic products gave a presentation on bakery applications. The Bakery industry is one of Ray’s favorite industries. He explained that there are 12 potential sales in each bakery. Bakery Applications: Pneumatic Conveying Bin Bottom Aeration Vacuum […]

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Republic Visits Ecuador

  Written By Guest Blogger: David Gradney This month, Gerardo and I traveled from Texas to Colombia and then to Ecuador. Read about my trip to Colombia here. While in Ecuador, we visited with our local distributor, Inducom, and several of their customers. We provided information on products and applications. Working with our distributor, we were able […]

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