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Choosing the Right CNC Vacuum

When choosing a CNC vacuum, some commonly asked questions pertain to vacuum strength, durability, and which type to use for different applications. At Republic Manufacturing, we can answer those questions and also point you in the right direction when choosing which CNC vacuum is right for you! What determines which CNC vacuum is the best? […]

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Craft Brewery Systems: Drying with efficiency and affordability in mind

At Republic, we are often asked what is needed to effectively dry cans and bottles for craft breweries. Most air knife systems are custom, but over the years we’ve found enough similarities, specifically from craft breweries, to design standard systems that fit most. Can we still customize a drying system? Of course! But these affordable […]

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Relief Valves: Insurance for your Blower

We recommend using a relief valve with just about any regenerative or positive displacement blower.  Why? Read below to understand how relief valves can increase the longevity of your blower. Relief Valve Purpose: Think of relief valves as insurance against your blower’s performance. They function as blower protection to prevent over-pressurization. Once a certain pressure […]

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How to Wire a Three Phase Regenerative Blower

One of the most common questions our technical team receives is “How do I wire this blower?” This question is often followed by others such as: “Where is the wiring diagram?”, “Which diagram do I use?”, and “What are these two black wires?” Which wiring diagram do I use and where is the wiring diagram? […]

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3 Signs your Rotary Vane Pump Might be Ready for Repair

Though rotary vane pumps are sturdy long-lasting machines, occasional maintenance is required and sometimes a repair. Here are the most common signs your rotary vane pump might be ready for a repair: 1. Not enough pressure/vacuum When the pump is noticeably not pulling enough pressure/vacuum, the application’s process becomes inefficient. This is the most common […]

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RBX-250 High-Efficiency Centrifugal Blower

High-Efficiency Blower Line to Debut at PACK EXPO Connects

Republic Manufacturing is proud to debut the new RBX High-Efficiency Centrifugal Blower product line at PACK EXPO Connects, the live, virtual trade packaging trade show schedule from November 9-13, 2020. The best in class Republic RBX Centrifugal Blower line is designed for efficiency, endurance, and optimal performance in high-demand pressure and vacuum applications. The RBX […]

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Motor Efficiency & Ratings Explained

AC induction motors have been around for well over 100 years. The technology at its core has remained unchanged as marginal improvements have been made. These improvements usually come in the form of motor efficiency and motor size. The chart below shows the motor efficiency improvements through the years. For each horsepower class the ratings […]

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Thoughts from our Newest Employee

For this quarters newsletter we interviewed Kris Hanchette. He is the newest member of the team, joining as the VP of Sales and Marketing. Kris comes to us with an impressive background in electronics and robotics. Kris worked at MultiCam for 22 years and has known Republic for 25 years. Q. We are loving the […]

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